About Internship Program


It is a privilege to do an internship at ePati Cyber Security. The right address for those who want to improve themselves in cyber security, computer networks and full stack software development areas ePati Cyber Security.

Who can apply for the Internship Program?

Students studying in the associate degree and bachelor’s programs below can apply to the internship program:

  • Computer science
  • Computer engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Computer and Software Engineering
  • Information Systems Engineering
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Computer programming
  • Computer technology
  • Information Security Technology

What is expecting you at the internship program?

In this program, the student is prepared for professional life and has the opportunity to see the practical applications that will support their academic education. Trainees will be followed by internship program coordinator. The internship program consists of 4 stages:

  • Literature / theoretical research project
  • Research project presentation
  • Application project
  • Internship final presentation

Internship Topics

In our company, internship program is applied in the following topics:

  • Advanced Computer Networks
  • R&D - Software Development
  • System Administration

What steps should you follow to become an intern?

Applications for the summer internship program are applied via staj@epati.com.tr address until the end of March every year. In April the evaluation process of the applicants begins. Applicants who pass the pre-evaluation will receive the Online Technical Information Assessment Form by e-mail. Successful ones will be invited for an interview online or face to face. At the end of April, the results are reported via e-mail. Our students who have the opportunity to become an intern in our company, provide their accommodation and transportation with their own means.