About Us


In July 2006, our Antikor project was accepted to Mersin Technology Development Zone (TechnoScope), and in November 2006, our entrepreneurship moved to the official platform and acquired ePati Cyber Security identity.

The founders of ePati Cyber Security, which has been structured within the Technology Development Zone within the scope of domestic and national R&D studies in the industry, is composed of academicians who are experts in the field of cyber security working at Mersin University.

ePati Cyber Security, which is proud of serving our country in the field of cyber security for 15 years and contributing to our country’s progress plans in the field of cyber security in the forthcoming period, is a company that has international standards and most importantly 100% domestic products in the field of cyber security in our country.

Being a strong R & D company is an important point of the company by taking the mission of making R & D with national local resources and introducing products and services that will transform local products and technologies with added value and having a say in the information sector.

Advancing with innovative strategies, ePati Cyber Security has taken an important place in the national market. ePati Cyber Security is progressing international market entry program with Antikor brand and product family to become a world brand.


By closely following new technologies, we will be able to increase the efficiency of our customers with our corporate know-how and provide appropriate information technology solutions, reliable, innovative and lasting cooperation.


To be a R & D company in the position of leader of the national sector, giving direction to change in the field of information technology with our services that transform technology into added value.

Why ePati® Information Technologies ?

  • Specialized, trained staff
  • Customer and employee happiness focused approach
  • Leading applications with added value focus
  • 7/24 uninterrupted service